Miška Izakovičová


Miška Izakovičová

The festival wouldn't be the same without a truly badass girl crusher delivering an inspiring talk to us all. This year we welcome the uber motivated Slovakian climber Miška Izakovičová and we couldn't be more delighted to have her with us. You will find her being equally excited and dedicated on single pitch sport routes as well as big wall crack lines.

Miška IzakovičováMiška Izakovičová
Miška Izakovičová

Hi, I’m Miška

I am addicted to climbing and mountain adventures and spend most of my time travelling to find lines and projects that inspire me.

I discovered climbing quite late in my life, when I was 21 years old. I started climbing outdoors and immediately fell in love with it. I always liked pushing myself and climbing at my limit and thanks to climbing being such a complex sport, I've been able to get pretty far with that. Actually, I’ve never followed any specific training plan, because I always used every opportunity to climb outdoors. I just love rock climbing and being in the mountains and for the past few years I’ve given everything I have to be able to climb as much as possible.

I like all types of climbing, from limestone sport climbing to big-walls, sandstone boulders to granite walls in the Alps, cracks to tufas, slabs to overhangs, but I get especially inspired by impressive looking lines and big-walls.

Miška IzakovičováMiška Izakovičová

But it is not just the climbing itself that I love so much, but also adventures and people I share my passion with. Over time, I realised that it is not the grade of the route that is important, but the adventures I have together with my climbing partner. Because that's what we'll talk about and what we'll remember forever.

I would like to inspire others to go out, pursue their passion, step out of their comfort zone and have as many adventures as they can, because adventures are what fills our souls.

Miška's favourite ROUTES

Miška has a very impressive tick list to date, with the following being some incredible routes that mean the most to her:

  • Freerider - 5.13a, 1000m (PP), El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, California (2018)
  • Brid Klina - 7c, 350m (RP), Aniča Kuk, National Park Paklenica, Croatia (2015)
  • Super Dupont - 7b, 200m (OS) Aiguille du Midi, Mt. Blanc Massif, France (2017)
  • Le guerre Sainte - 7b+, 450m (OS) North Nassrani Tower, Wadi Rum, Jordan (2018)
  • Hoka Hey 7a+, 800m (OS, in one day) Kjerag, Norway (2018)
  • Bonatti-Oggioni 6a, 400M (OS) + via Brouillard ridge to the top of Mont Blanc (2021)
Miška IzakovičováMiška IzakovičováMiška IzakovičováMiška Izakovičová